F3 Focused Forward Friends

F3 stands for Forward Focused Friends. The F3 command on most computer systems is used to search and find. Individuals who have been placed in Therapeutic homes are searching for love, support, inclusion, and direction. The goal of our F3 Program is to develop and foster relationships with champion survivors of human trafficking that will promote positive family and peer relationships, development and decision-making.

Need  A Real Friend?

F3 Role:

F3's support their mentees by:

  • Empowering them to resolve current issues and to develop coping strategies for the future.

  • Provide a model for a healthy, trusting relationship through clear communication and setting appropriate boundaries.

  • Acknowledging their strengths, talents and gifts and encouraging them to find ways to use them.

  • Be an active listener and offer support and encouragement when appropriate.

  • Engage in activities outside of the home to help expose individuals to new opportunities and experiences.


  • Complete application process, consisting of written application, references, interview, background checks and volunteer training.

  • Monthly supervision/support groups with the Volunteer Coordinator. Maintain confidentiality of participants.

  • Clear communication with the family, Caseworker and Volunteer Coordinator.


  • Willingness to provide emotional, social, and practical support within limits.

  • Knowledge of one's boundaries and ability to set limits with others.

  • Recognition that all people have strengths and they need to discover and use them.

  • Valid driver's license and insurance.

  • Completed background check and training.

  • Time Commitment : Prepare for, and achieve closure at the end of 6 months or other determined time. 6-10 hours a month and at least 2 activities a month.

  • Phone contact within reason.


  • Various locations in the community as arranged between the mentor and mentee.

  • A mentor is not to bring a mentee to his/her home.


  • Monthly supervision/training groups provided by the Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Individual meetings with Volunteer Coordinator when necessary.

  • Ongoing Partner Informational and Brown bag training available.


  • Make a difference in the life of individuals in your community.

  • Learn about yourself, personal growth.

  • Give back and contribute to the community.

  • Have fun!

If you or your family would like to volunteer in our F3 program, please submit your information below!